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Ashiatsu Massage Andover MA

Ashiatsu Massage Andover MA

Thanks to the passion and determination of Silvane Spalenza, local clients can now enjoy the art of Ashiatsu massage. Andover, MA, residents used to have to travel out of town for Ashiatsu massage, but now Spalenza offers it locally. Spalenza has the proper equipment for this unique form of massage, as well as trained and certified therapists for Ashiatsu Organic Bar Therapy. Enjoy this revolutionary massage today for only $85!

What Makes Ashiatsu Massage Andover, MA, Special

Ashiatsu massage is a form of massage in which the therapists use bars installed in the ceiling to help them “walk” on clients using bare feet. Ashiatsu massage penetrates deeper than a Swedish massage and even deeper than a deep-tissue massage, because the therapist can use gravity as a source of pressure instead of only strength.

When you receive an Ashiatsu massage in Andover, MA, you’ll enjoy an unprecedented level of muscular tension release. Athletes and other people suffering from tight muscles benefit from Ashiatsu massage because of the great deal of pressure the therapist can put on spots that hold tension. Ashiatsu massage is proven to improve circulation, reduce pain, and treat health conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel. 

You Need Trusted Therapists for Ashiatsu Massage Andover, MA

The nature of Ashiatsu massage makes it precarious for both the therapist and the guest if the therapist is not properly trained. Instead of risking your personal health, trust Spalenza for high-quality professional Ashiatsu massage in Andover, MA. The person you trust to do your Ashiatsu massage should be certified and experienced to ensure your protection while you’re on the massage table.

At Spalenza, each therapist has undergone proper certification to perform Ashiatsu massage. Silvane Spalenza herself is certified for Ashiatsu massage and only hires therapists with expert knowledge of the art. Ashiatsu massage combines traditional Eastern medicine with modern Western practices for an all-over exquisite massage experience. Silvane Spalenza took it upon herself to bring this form of massage to the residents of Andover, MA, and she wants you to join hundreds of others who have benefitted from Ashiatsu. 

Book Your Ashiatsu Massage Andover, MA, Appointment Now

If you want to experience a completely different type of massage, get in touch with Spalenza to book an appointment. Deep-rooted muscular pain and deep-tissue stress can be relieved with soothing, long-lasting pain relief with Ashiatsu massage. Andover, MA, residents can dial (978) 880-1400 today for more information about this type of massage.

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