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Ashiatsu Massage Danvers MA

Ashiatsu Massage Danvers MA

If you haven’t had this form of massage before, you may be wondering about Ashiatsu massage. Danvers, MA, residents can experience Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, or Ashiatsu massage, and compare it with other massages for themselves at Spalenza – one of the only spas in the area offering this type of massage. 

Experience True Ashiatsu Massage Danvers, MA

Among the list of massages we offer, you’ll find Ashiatsu massage, where the massage therapist “walks” on guests to relieve pressure in the deepest tissues of the body. Ashiatsu massage is excellent for people with intense lower back pain or athletes experiencing full-body muscular pain. This form of massage reaches deeper than deep-tissue massage as it uses gravity as the main source of pressure instead of the therapist’s strength.

More and more people are turning toward Ashiatsu massage, because it is a highly beneficial massage technique. Many guests who experience Ashiatsu massage walk away feeling less pain than they have felt in years due to the intense pressure of the heels, toes, and flat planes of the therapist’s feet. Silvane Spalenza, owner of Spalenza, understands the immense benefits of Ashiatsu massage and is proud to bring the art of Ashiatsu massage to Danvers, MA.

Ashiatsu Massage Danvers, MA, Residents Can Trust

Ashiatsu massage may seem daunting for those who have never experienced it. Any massage therapist can tell you that the quality of the massage changes depending on the therapist’s training. When a therapist does Ashiatsu massage using the proper techniques – adapted from ancient Eastern medicine and combined with modern Western practices – it is incredibly beneficial to people with deep-rooted pain or tension.

Spalenza offers a unique opportunity for residents curious about Ashiatsu massage in Danvers, MA. Our therapists are highly trained in the art of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, so you can rest assured that you’re in the best hands – or in this case, the best feet. We understand what this form of massage requires, and our therapists can utilize gravity to its highest potential during your massage. When you’re ready to experience this special type of massage, come visit Spalenza.

Try Something New This Summer With Ashiatsu Massage Danvers, MA

To understand the relief that Ashiatsu massage offers, book your appointment online today. We’ll walk you through the process and tell you what to expect so you can fully enjoy your Ashiatsu massage. Danvers, MA, clients can call (978) 880-1400 for more information.

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