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Ashiatsu Massage Lynnfield, MA

ashiatsu massage lynnfield ma

Have you ever heard of someone getting an Ashiatsu massage, Lynnfield, MA? When is the last time you actually pampered yourself and took some time to breathe, enjoy life and really relax? Spalenza offers one of a kind Ashiatsu massage around Lynnfield MA and this is a unique experience for anyone to have. Instead of the traditional form of massage that uses hands, or the traditional foot massage, Ashiatsu massage utilizes people feet to do the massaging. If you have never experiences the Ashiatsu massage near Lynnfield MA, you do not know what you are missing.

What Ashiatsu Massage near Lynnfield, MA Entails

The word Ashiatsu, broken down means ‘foot pressure’ and that is what is used to help relieve deep muscle pain. Any person that has been able to experience an Ashiatsu massage near Lynnfield MA has stated that it is like ‘heaven’ and would definitely get another massage this way. This may seem slightly unconventional to some people but the massage therapist will hold onto ceiling bars above them and walk along the clients back offering the greatest deep tissue massage that you will experience.

Ashiatsu massage near Lynnfield MA at Spalenza did not originate here. Dating back almost 3,000 years, this form of massage therapy came from the Far East. There are numerous different styles of massage throughout that part of the world, including India, China, the Philippines, Thailand, etc. all slightly varying from one another, but the main tool utilized – is the feet. The thought process behind this is to align the mind, body and spirit essentially readjust your inner ‘chi’ using the gravitational pressure from the Earth.

Providing Ashiatsu Massage for Lynnfield, MA Locals

Price ranges do vary for the different massages that are offered by Spalenza. Depending on which type you decide to pamper yourself with, you can expect to pay anywhere from $40 - $135, package deals are also offered for those looking into setting up a series of 5-10 massages. For a 90 minute Ashiatsu massage in Lynnfield MA, the price will be $125 and you can add a salt glow treatment as well for an additional $35.  

For those of you that are interested in being taken to a place of ultimate relaxation, check out all of the different services that Spalenza has to offer. Our Ashiatsu massage near Lynnfield, MA is an unforgettable experience, give us a call at (978) 880-1400.

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