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Ashiatsu Massage North Andover MA

Ashiatsu Massage North Andover MA

It takes a highly qualified and trained therapist to successfully perform an Ashiatsu massage. North Andover, MA, clients expect professional Ashiatsu massage at Spalenza’s Spa. Silvane Spalenza, its founder, believes in a few core values when it comes to massage therapy. She is trained in the art of Ashiatsu massage and brought it to Spalenza because she believes this form of massage is highly beneficial to the mind, body, and spirit.

How Ashiatsu Massage North Andover, MA, Works

Ashiatsu massage is a massage in which the therapist “walks” on the guest using parallel bars installed in the ceiling for leverage. The feet of the therapist work to penetrate the deepest layers of tissues – deeper than the therapist can manipulate without the help of gravity. When you schedule an appointment at Spalenza for Ashiatsu massage in North Andover, MA, you’re signing up for a special experience.

The form of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy our therapists practice combines traditional Eastern medicine with modern Western technique, giving our clients the best of both worlds. Our therapists have years of experience providing Ashiatsu massage, and they know best practices for using the heels, balls, toes, and flat planes of the feet to manipulate deep into the muscle tissue. With gravity as the main source of pressure, our therapists can reach deep-rooted points of tension or tightness. This form of massage is perfect for athletes and people who suffer from muscle spasms and contractions.

Physical and Mental Benefits of Ashiatsu Massage North Andover, MA

All forms of massage carry physical and mental benefits, but Ashiatsu massage in North Andover, MA, is especially beneficial. Since the therapist can dig deeper than during a deep-tissue massage, clients experience a great decrease in pain and muscle tension. Ashiatsu massage is proven to relieve pain and stress, treat spinal cord problem, and improve posture. It gently yet effectively provides an incredibly deep massage, unlike regular massage.

Guests can experience almost giddy happiness during an Ashiatsu massage, when built-up pressure deep within the tissues is finally released. Clients enjoy long-lasting stress relief and peace of mind after one of Spalenza’s Ashiatsu massages.

Let Us Introduce You to Ashiatsu Massage North Andover, MA

If you’ve never experienced Ashiatsu massage, this summer is the perfect opportunity to try it out. Let us prove that Spalenza excels in the art of Ashiatsu massage. North Andover, MA, residents can dial (978) 880-1400 now to arrange an appointment, or visit our online appointment booking system.

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