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Ashiatsu Massage Peabody, MA

ashiatsu massage peabody ma

Have you been looking for Ashiatsu massage near Peabody, MA?  If so, Spalenza has exactly what you are looking for. Ashiatsu massage in the traditional way is based from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Performed in both Japan and China by practitioners who believe and have been taught in approaching wellness as a whole-body. Clients wear clothing which is loose and comfortable, and down on the floor. Practitioners then walk upon the client’s back or other long muscles, targeting specific pressure points by use of their feet. There are sometimes bars used for support. This is sometimes referred to as barefoot Shiatsu, due to the practitioner not wearing shoes and pressure points used in this massage. When looking for Ashiatsu massage in Peabody, MA, we are the spa that provides.

Relaxation with Ashiatsu Massage in Peabody, MA

Ashiatsu massage has a focus now on relaxation, rather than medical. This was developed by therapist Ruthie Hardie in late 1990s, and is known as Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy. Although this massage focuses on relaxation, it also addresses tension and muscle pains. However, skills and training which are needed for practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, is not needed. Spalenza offers Ashiatsu massage in Peabody, MA, from therapists capable of helping clients relax while helping to ease their tension and pain.

Top Class Ashiatsu Massage in Peabody, MA

In ashiatsu massage, Peabody, MA or elsewhere, a therapist combines strokes which are long and flowing with their feet together with longer, faster ones. According to the client’s needs, massage intensity is able to be tailored. This kind of massage is unique and invigorating, and can leave you feeling better than ever. If your back has been feeling tight, or need a massage to loosen up your thighs or other longer muscles, look no further than our Ashiatsu massage experts, Peabody, MA. No matter what you are looking for to help improve your health, our experts can work with you every step of the way. There is a distinct difference between massage therapists of Ashiatsu massage and other types of massage, for example, there is far less stress put on their body. Unlike Ashiatsu massage, other massages require therapists to do lot of bending over clients and to perform deep work with their arms, both of these putting strain on a therapist. Gravity helps therapists when performing Ashiatsu massage, with the body being used as a tool by massage therapist, rather than only the arms. Spalenza therapists are experts in performing traditional massages, as well as an Ashiatsu massage in Peabody, MA.

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