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Have you been on the hunt for a new barber in the Lynnfield, MA area? In some people’s minds, spa days and services are reserved only for women, but that is not the case. There are many services offered at the spa that men enjoy as well as women such as massages and facials. Imagine how much easier it may be to get your companion to the spa with you if he knew there were services available specifically for him. That is what Silvane Spalenza has done with Spalenza. She saw a need for men that wasn’t being met at the regular spa, and she filled that need with a barber who is onsite for the resort type spa. Now the men can get a taste of what women have known for years. There is nothing quite like a spa day.

Having a Barber near Lynnfield, MA Takes Spa Service to Another Level

It is not farfetched to see salon services at an all inclusive spa, and our barber is something special. Most spas do not have barber shops in them. Spalenza had the innovative idea to add services that were more inviting to men. The barber shop is traditionally a place men can go get their beauty needs met while at the same time engaging with a room full of men. A hair cut in a relaxing environment is what some men may be looking for after a deep tissue massage and a facial designed for men without all the different fragrances and floral aroma. A barber at our Lynnfield, MA area spa makes Spalenza a better and more comfortable place for everybody.

Knowing your Lynnfield, MA Barber is Important

Who you use as your barber is very important. You want to make sure you have someone cut your hair that uses clean supplies like clippers and straight edges. Using dull or dirty shaving or hair trimming supplies can lead to an extremely bad experience, and even more so infections. It is more than just having a person who knows how to cut your hair into the style you like. It is about cleanliness and your health. At Spalenza you can get an array of services in the barbershop like a haircut, a shave, or even a color process. The entire spa’s focus is on health and cleanliness, and you can be sure that our barber, Lynnfield, MA, is no different.

Having a barber onsite enhances the spa experience. Make sure you give us a call at (978) 880-1400 to schedule appointment with our barber, Lynnfield, MA, and a few other services today.

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