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Having a haircut done by a professional barber in Peabody, MA, can help make their investment well worth the money. Spalenza offers barber services in which men will find haircuts, and other barber services that they will be extremely pleased with. After haircut and style, they are able to sit and enjoy in a hot towel shave. Just because many traditional barbershops are no longer in existence, does not mean men have to give up the barbershop experience. Many men believe they must sit in a woman’s salon, with feminine scents, but with Spalenza that is not the case. We cater to men just as much as we do women.

Chains vs. an Experienced Barber in Peabody MA

If visiting a salon chain, a man would receive a quick haircut of lower quality. Our stylists have been through their systems of training in which they teach techniques that allow them to do as much haircuts as they can possibly do. There are some chain salons that require stylists to finish their client’s hair within fifteen minutes, or face possible write-ups. Choosing a barber in Peabody, MA can help a man avoid these quick and lesser quality haircuts. 

Visiting a Professional Barber in Peabody MA

There are many salons and spas that offer service to men as well as women. Men are able to receive haircuts, styling, shaves, or trims, along with many other ways to groom. An example would be Spalenza, as our barber in Peabody, MA, can give a haircut, along with a re-shade, and then the client can then proceed to receive a man’s facial or perhaps a relaxing massage if desired. There is no requirement to have more than a haircut if wanted, but with these services offered, who would want to pass them up?

Haircuts and other grooming services, are done by professionals with several years’ experience. Our haircuts and other services are of the highest quality, and are well worth the money you will invest. Unlike chain salons, we are not rushed to finish haircuts of each client. We ensure every haircut is done properly, to the client’s specific needs and desires.

If you are considering a visit to a barber in Peabody, MA contact us today at (978) 880-1400; we offer our clients many services, making sure they are all beyond satisfied.

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