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Couples Massage Danvers MA

Couples Massage Danvers MA

To share a relaxing full-body experience with your loved one this summer, consider a couple’s massage. Danvers, MA, couples can come to Spalenza, a luxurious spa that offers a variety of massages in a beautiful setting. Spalenza is located in a large mansion, where clients can roam the gorgeous grounds and enjoy a lavish spa day. Couple’s massages are just one of the many services we offer our guests.

Couple’s Massage Danvers, MA, is for Everyone

The best thing about the couple’s massages at Spalenza is that our guests can customize their massages. You and your spouse or loved one can have your individual therapist work on specific parts of your body so you both enjoy the highest level of satisfaction. Our 60-minute couple’s massage is only $170 and the 90-minute option is $250. Add hot stones to your couple’s massage for only $20 extra. Many couples love the hot stones addition, as the warmth heightens relaxation.

No matter what aches and pains you or your loved one suffers, our expertly trained massage therapists can help. Our staff is highly qualified to perform Swedish, deep-tissue, and Ashiatsu massage, with a knack for releasing tight muscles below the surface. If you know a couple who could use a couple’s massage in Danvers, MA, purchase a gift card online as the perfect anniversary gift. Massage is the gift that keeps on giving!

Trust Us with Your Couple’s Massage Danvers, MA

Spalenza has been a trusted, reliable spa destination for couple’s massage in Danvers, MA, for years. Since it’s opening, dozens of couples have enjoyed the luxurious full-body experience of our couple’s massages from within a massage room meant for two. If you’re looking for the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary or special occasion, a couple’s massage can bring you closer to your loved one. Massage is proven to bring forth feelings of happiness, peace, and pleasure. You and your partner can experience total bliss when you visit Spalenza.

When it comes to getting more than what you pay for, Spalenza goes above and beyond expectations. Our highly trained therapists are committed to bettering the human mind, body, and spirit, and they have the ability to give you an experience you’ll both remember.

Call Spalenza Today to Book Your Couple’s Massage Danvers, MA

The best gift you can give is waiting for you at Spalenza. Both you and your loved one will benefit when you enjoy a couple’s massage. Danvers, MA, couples can book an appointment today by dialing (978) 880-1400.

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