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Couples Massage Peabody, MA

couples massage peabody ma

A couples massage can be enjoyed by your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, best friends, mothers and daughters, and more. This brings a personal experience to couple, which is unrivaled in terms of relaxation. Receiving a couple’s massage in Peabody, MA is a wonderful experience in which any kind of couple would be happy to be a part of.

What To Expect from a Couples Massage in Peabody, MA

A couples massage in Peabody, MA is a type of massage that takes place with two massage tables in one room. When having a couples massage done in a spa, there is access to lounging areas, hot tubs, showers, and more. During a couple’s initial consultation to review session goals, the therapists steps out of the room while both clients disrobe to a level they are comfortable with and lay on massage tables under a sheet. During massage, the therapists undrapes only parts of the body in with they are working on. During the massage some individuals zone out, and some choose to talk to their massage partner, and at times to their therapist. There is a pre-appointed time in which both massages will end, and therapist leave the room. At that point, clients get up to re-dress, opening the door to signal you are ready to the therapist. They will then bring fresh water, check that session goals are met, and answer client’s questions.   

Benefits of Couples Massage in Peabody, MA

There are several benefits that come with couple’s massage, rather than other massages. If someone has never been to get a massage, this is a good way to introduce them. They will feel comfortable having a partner with them. Another benefit, bonding, that couples are unable to get in any other type of massage. Two people are able to become closer, catch up with each other, chat and communicate, or just relax to enjoy this experience together. No words need to be spoken for couples to experience closeness. There are so few times that many couples are able to do something together, this gives them an opportunity to. After experiencing this, couples of all types feel rejuvenated and relaxed. You will enjoy our professionalism, the sense of relaxation we instill in our atmosphere, and how good you will feel leaving our spa. Having a couples massage in Peabody, MA at Spalenza will undoubtedly be a memorable experience that you will come back to, and cherish for a lifetime.

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