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hot shave lynnfield ma

Silvane Spalenza created services where men can have a spa experience that is just as relaxing as the time women have, while enjoying services particularly for him, including a hot shave available near Lynnfield, MA. One of these services is a hot shave given by the resident barber. Hot shaves utilize a straight edge razor which is the closet shave a man can get on his face. This is a process that softens a man’s hair so it can be easier to shave with the straight edge razor. It is like a warm facial coupled with a premium shave. Spalenza has made this part of the spa experience, a hot shave for Lynnfield, MA residents.

A Man’s Facial, A Hot Shave Lynnfield, MA

Women know about facials, but did you know there is an original facial for men. It is called the hot shave. Hot shaving is a practice that has been around for a very long time. It is a luxurious way for a man to get his beard shaved in a relaxing, spa-inspired environment. A hot towel not only softens the man’s hair, but it also feels good on the face. It is the original man facial, and is available by the professional team of experts working at Spalenza.

Professional Barbers Give A Hot Shave For Lynnfield, MA Locals

Like most of your spa experiences, you want a professional who knows what they are doing, and can take care of your body while bringing it great pleasure. Since a hot shave uses a straight edge razor, it is important that the barber has experience and knows what he is doing. The barbers at Spalenza near Lynnfield, MA know the process to give a man the most relaxing and closet shave possible. The hot towel shave is a process. It is not like the rushed, unpleasant shave you experience when you are shaving your beard in the morning before work. Throughout this process you will have a series of hot towels placed on your face in between the initial shave and the follow-ups for closeness. By the end of the process, you will have clean smooth skin and feel relaxed as well. This process is rejuvenating and enjoyable, and it will leave your skin feeling refreshed on a new level

If you want to get the man in your life a hot shave or a complete spa day, you can give us a call at (978) 880-1400. We will schedule your appointment and prepare to provide you with a relaxing experience when it comes to a hot shave near Lynnfield, MA.

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