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Hot Stone Massage North Andover MA

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If you’re ready to take massage therapy to the next level, consider a hot stone massage. North Andover, MA, residents suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, or chronic muscle pain can benefit from a hot stone massage at Spalenza. We heat smooth Baltic stones to the perfect temperature in sanitary water, then lay them on specific points on your body. Guests with carpal tunnel enjoy hot stones on the wrists and hands, while guests with lower back pain can find relief in hot stones placed strategically on their sacrum.

Hot Stone Massage North Andover, MA, for Every Ailment

No matter what part of your body aches, hot stones can provide real pain relief. Baltic stones retain heat, slowly releasing warmth deep into your muscle tissue for the duration of your massage. Your therapist may hold the hot stones in his or hands while performing the massage for deeper muscle manipulation. Enjoy hot stones during a Swedish or deep massage at Spalenza, or add hot stones to a couple’s massage for only $20.

Some guests require a deeper massage than what’s regularly offered. That’s why they turn to hot stone massage in North Andover, MA. Hot stone massage can relieve aches and pains deeply rooted in the body, providing long-lasting pain relief from many common ailments. Hot stone massage therapy also heals the mind and spirit, as it is one of the most calming forms of massage. The presence of hot stones along the spine, hands, legs, or other points can significantly boost the overall massage experience for clients.

Perfect Pressure Hot Stone Massage North Andover, MA

Many guests who visit Spalenza require a level of deep-tissue massage in between regular massage and the intense pressure of Ashiatsu massage. For these clients, a hot stone massage in North Andover, MA, is the ideal solution. The heated stones allow the massage therapist to reach beyond the superficial layers of tissue without using excessive pressure. The massage therapists at Spalenza are trained to use hot stones to their maximum capacity, placing them where they will provide the greatest benefits. Therapists who understand the complexities of hot stone massage trust Spalenza.

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To reserve your hot stone massage, one of our friendly representatives will be on the other end of the line. No matter what part of your body aches, we can get to the bottom of it with a hot stone massage. North Andover, MA, clients can call (978) 880-1400 today or schedule an appointment online.

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