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Prenatal Massage Peabody, MA

prenatal massage peabody ma

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of prenatal massage by Peabody, MA experts? Women go through several changes during pregnancy, not only physically, but spiritually and physiologically as well. Some of these changes can cause discomfort or stress to the mother. A prenatal massage, Peabody, MA is a great way for mothers to alleviate some of these discomforts, and helps them promote a sense of well-being at the same time. Spalenza offers 60 minute and 90-minute prenatal massage sessions in Peabody, MA, just the right amount of time needed for this process. It is beneficial the entire nine months to receive prenatal massage, unless if in a high risk pregnancy; a woman should get a release from their physician.

Benefits Received from Prenatal Massage in Peabody, MA

In addition to stress relief, prenatal massage helps to relieve backaches that can accompany pregnancy. Some women suffer from edema, or swelling during their pregnancy, massage is a way to help relieve this. Leg cramps are common, and stiff neck is another discomfort often seen during pregnancy. Both of these can be helped by prenatal massage. In addition, weight-bearing joints have stress reduced on them from massage, circulation is encouraged, and nervous tension is relaxed – promoting better sleep – which can be helpful in reducing anxiety and depression from hormonal changes. Therapists at Spalenza during a prenatal massage in Peabody, MA make sure their clients are taken care of correctly.

What to Expect During Prenatal Massage Peabody, MA?

To ensure clients are comfortable during their prenatal massage, soft cushions are used for extra support and to alleviate strain put on pelvic and lower back areas when therapists apply pressure from techniques of massage. Unnecessary abdominal or back pain can be caused from these areas having extra strain, so therapists take extra precaution to avoid potential discomfort. Throughout a woman’s second trimester, there may be a preference for laying on their back, while placing a small soft wedge underneath one hip to give it some elevation. Depending on where in the pregnancy a woman is at, a therapist may use different massage techniques such as Swedish massage, reflexology, or other techniques to address certain needs and requests made by the client. Prior to an appointment for prenatal massage in Peabody, MA it can be helpful to make a list of all symptoms in which a woman has been suffering. Contact us at (978) 880-1400 to set an appointment up for prenatal massage in Peabody, MA.

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