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Prenatal Massage Lynnfield, MA

prenatal massage lynnfield ma

Many may not consider going for a massage during pregnancy, but a prenatal massage near Lynnfield, MA can be very therapeutic and a complimentary choice to cope with relieving stress upon the body. For anyone who has gone through a pregnancy before, they all know that every pregnancy is different and it affects the body differently as well. The body is working double time to ensure that the baby is getting all of the proper nutrients and growing, which in turn can leave the mother feeling very tired and feeling pains where she didn’t know she could. Simple tasks like sleeping, walking, breathing, and just relaxing becomes a little more difficult when going through pregnancy.

What to Look for During a Prenatal Massage, Lynnfield, MA?

The therapists that work at Spalenza ensure they take extra special care of anyone who is pregnant. Many of the clients that come in and are choosing to undergo a prenatal massage, Lynnfield MA, are there for good reason and deserve the much needed pampering. While at our location, there may be many different feelings and emotions experienced during pregnancy (due to hormonal changes) a woman can expect to be treated with the utmost respect and care. During the actual prenatal massage in Lynnfield MA, positioning will be so that the woman will be relieved of any additional pressure that her body is feeling from the pregnancy. Soft cushions will be positioned around the body to relieve that lower back stress/pain and unique massage techniques will be utilized.

Come Experience Prenatal Massage in Lynnfield, MA

There are a wide variety of symptoms that a pregnant woman will experience almost on a daily basis which can be relieved or soothed by a prenatal massage by a Lynnfield MA expert. These are, but not limited to some of the following: headaches, fatigue, muscle tension, leg cramps, backaches, etc. Headaches and muscles aches can be relieved from where the therapist focuses their massage. There are pressure points all around the body that they have much experience working with. Additionally, your body naturally produces serotonin which is an anti-pain chemical that is stimulated through massage and exercise.

Spalenza offers a wide variety of services that can leave you feeling like a new person. Check out our prenatal massage near Lynnfield MA to treat yourself or a loved one to ultimate relaxation during a time where there is additional physical stress upon the body.

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