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Spa Day Peabody, MA

spa day peabody ma

Are you in need of a relaxing spa day in the Peabody, MA area? When you take the time to visit Spalenza, expect your skin to be cleansed, exfoliated, and nourished. By completing this process, your complexion will become well hydrated, which can also help your skin have a younger looking appearance. Tone, texture, firmness, and color are altered in ways people will see as attractive. This is not only beneficial for your skin, but for your self-esteem as well.

Exfoliate and Extractions at a Spa in Peabody, MA

Most facials involve exfoliation and extraction, unless stated otherwise. When exfoliation is performed, either a chemical or mechanical exfoliate is used. Dead skin cells on the surface are rubbed away with a gritty texture when using a mechanical exfoliate, mostly during steam. Skin cell bonds are loosened with acids and enzymes with chemical exfoliation, sometimes done during steam while at a spa in Peabody, MA. Extraction is removal of whiteheads and blackheads if desired. Spalenza’s skin therapists have experience in the proper way of performing these extractions.

Many Facial Options for a Relaxing Spa Day in Peabody, MA

There is never a “one facial fits all,” there are several options at Spalenza to choose from. When out for a relaxing spa day in Peabody, MA, one of these choices is a Special Spalenza Facial. With this facial, treatments are customized to fit particular concerns you may have or with what benefit your skin most. Knowledgeable, experienced skin therapists are able to use their many products to bring a personized facial experience to all their clients.

Another option is Men’s Facial, giving men the same relaxing feeling woman receive while having a facial cleanse. Majority of men do not want feminine smells from a facial, but want the rest of these pleasurable benefits. When receiving Men’s Facial, there are no feminine smells involved, Spalenza uses a line designed with men in mind. Women are able to bring husbands in while they are having a facial, and there will be no sitting waiting for the wife to be done. Have your skin exfoliated and hydrated at our spa in Peabody MA, as well.

If in the area, contact us at (978) 880-1400 to set up an appointment at our spa in Peabody, MA; be sure to contact us today, and be ready to receive all the benefits that facials have to offer!

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